“All-out war erupts as Chandler faces his fears and confronts the greatest threat he has ever encountered.”

After five rollercoaster seasons, spanning 56 episodes, THE LAST SHIP finally comes to an end tonight. The show’s run has been nothing short of incredible: over the last five years, we have seen our heroes battle and defeat a deadly virus, help rebuild the United States in the face of interference from both within and outside the government, save the world from famine, and finally go to war with a South America dictator.

Each season has shown the stakes getting higher and higher, the losses more and more evident, with none more shocking than the devastating death of Carlton Burk in the penultimate episode of the series ‘Honor’. Each death has provoked stunned reaction from fans, and JOCKO SIMS isn’t at all surprised. “I think fans would lose their shit every time one of the main characters died,” he states. “We lost five this season.” It’s clear that Jocko has been as impacted as the fans by the losses.

And lose their shit they did.

KEVIN MICHAEL MARTIN also felt that fans would be stunned when Miller lost his legs. “I thought nobody’s gonna see this moment,” he explains. “With the characters who die, you get this goodbye moment. [With Miller] you’re not only going to see him lose his legs, but you see him without his legs for another two episodes.”

However, the cast and crew have been every bit as affected by the events of season five as the fans have. “There’s a scene where Wolf is badly injured,” says BREN FOSTER. “And there’s a point where we just started improvising within the given circumstances, – I was telling the others to leave me, and they didn’t want to, and we went for a good chunk of time. At the end of that, the director – BUD KREMP – came out, and he was crying, he was that affected by it. KATIE SWAIN, the writer, was also really affected – she had tears in her eyes.”

Throughout the season, we have lost many characters in whom we have become invested in over the years: Andrea Garnett, Doc Rios, Alicia Granderson, Joe Meylan, and Carlton Burk, and seen others irrevocably changed, physically or emotionally: Eric Miller, Wolf Taylor, Danny Green. Each of these tragedies have been a punch to the gut for fans of the show, leaving us reeling, while, each week, begging for more, for a resolution to our heroes’ stories.

The question is, what remains for tonight’s series finale? Could we lose yet more of the characters we’ve come to love? “Each death or injury is earned, not gratuitous,” explains showrunner STEVEN KANE. “And each character continues to contribute to the show, even in death. They live on inside those who survive to fight another day.”

With tonight being the last chance to fight another day, the stakes have never been higher. Which of our favourite characters will live, and who will die? How will the writers bring this epic tale of adventure on the high seas to an end?

Tune in TONIGHT to find out – 9/8c TNT Drama & 9.05p Space Channel (Canada).