"THE LAST SHIP S3 UNIT" "Don't Look Back" / Ep 313 TNT Ph: Doug Hyun

“THE LAST SHIP S3 UNIT” “Don’t Look Back” / Ep 313 TNT Ph: Doug Hyun

The San Diego emergency shelter is back in business, and heartbreaking tales are shared of how families were forced from their homes, losing everything they had, and given no choice other than to work for Castillo for nothing other than enough food to keep them and their families alive. Yet some people are angry at having been “freed”: at least they were given enough to eat when they were effectively slaves. Now, who knows what will happen?

It soon becomes clear that the Regional Leaders, and Shaw, will have to be stopped as soon as possible, and a plan is formed to take down each of them simultaneously. With information given to them by Castillo, each Leader’s weaknesses are plotted, and Tex insists on being the one to take down Price. Nobody argues with him.

Shaw and the Regional Leaders, though, still seem to think that Castillo has pulled one over on them, although Shaw has a plan to flush the Nathan James out once and for all. She asks her security guard whether they have “found them yet”, and it is clear that they aren’t talking about the Nathan James.

Green and Kara have words about whether or not Kara should be on the raid on the White House to apprehend Shaw. Green thinks it’s too personal for her, and what happens to their son if something happens to both of them? Kara sets her husband straight, telling him that their son will know that they died so that he doesn’t have to grow up in a world like this. Kathleen is helping Tex with his ammunition, and there is a tender moment between them.

The teams head for land, and Chandler and Jeter muse that every time the country falls apart, they have to put it back together. Jeter reassures him that they’re still there, and when it breaks they’ll fix it. We starts to see signs of doubt in Chandler, though, as he asserts that it’s a big country.

The four land teams are poised to strike: Croft is taken by Slattery and Wolf as he comes out of a bar, drunk. Wilson’s home is targeted by Green and Miller, and the Regional Leader is taken with little resistance. Tex and Meylan find that Price’s home is empty, and Burk Jr, Kara and Sasha infiltrate the White House, in the search for Shaw. Her suite is empty. However, Kara is certain that there is only one other place she would be.

Shaw is, in fact, in the  White House war room, as is Regional Leader Price, and Shaw finds herself having to admit that Chandler is alive, and Castillo is in custody on board the Nathan James. Shaw and Price authorize Colonel Witt to target the Nathan James with missiles once more.

President Oliver, however, is uncertain that the plan to take back the country is going to work, and has concerns about starting a civil war if the military in each region doesn’t cooperate. Chandler does his best to reassure him that the rank and file will “fall in line”, but Oliver reminds Chandler that the people don’t trust either of them any more. Chandler asserts that it is because they have been poisoned by Shaw and the Regional Leaders, but Oliver remains unconvinced.

Cobra team finds the White House heavily guarded, and work to find a way inside. Meanwhile, inside, Colonel Witt fires a missile at the Nathan James, Shaw and Price looking impassively on. The Nathan James intercepts the first missile, but are unable to determine where it came from. It doesn’t take long to work out that the missile was launched from a drone, and, in order to ensure that they are safe from further attacks, they would somehow have to find and take down the drone. Three more missiles are detected, and the decision is made to try to take out the communication, as they can’t take out the source. The source is the White House.

Colonel Witt admits that the Nathan James is putting up a good fight, but not for long. Shaw’s guard tells her that “they found them”, and, when Price asks what they’re talking about, it soon becomes apparent that Price has outlived her usefulness, and is gunned down by Agent Costas.

The Nathan James is struck in a central position, and the ship loses its fire control. Chandler comes up with a plan to create a smokescreen to prevent further targeting, a dangerous maneuver that could overload the engines. Fortunately, the ploy works, buying the Nathan James some time to break the communication between the White House and the drone, and repair the fire control. Taking another risk, Chandler asks Cobra team whether they can get into the White House without backup. After a brief moment, Sasha agrees they will go in. In a fast but bloody assault, they clear the underground parking lot, and make their way inside.

They soon meet Shaw’s men, and a firefight ensues. In the confusion, Shaw has the opportunity to make her escape, but chooses instead to fire on the Nathan James again. The missile is once more intercepted. As Cobra team make their way further into the White House, Sasha is shot, but uninjured, and the team barricade themselves inside the war room. There is no sign of Shaw. The Nathan James is still under attack. Suddenly, everything on board goes quiet: the attack is over. Kara manages to plunge the UAV into the sea before it has a chance to fire its last missiles.

Fearing the worst, Chandler risks contacting Cobra team, only to be told that the White House is secure. For now, at least, the danger is over.

Shaw has made her escape to an airfield, and boards a private jet. Slattery and Wolf arrive moments later, and aim their guns at the soldiers guarding the plane, calling for them to stand down. They fail to do so. However, Witt states that Shaw is prepared to negotiate her terms of surrender, and it is clear that this takes Slattery and Wolf by surprise. In the meantime, Chandler receives a call from his distraught daughter, who, along with his son, is being held at gunpoint on Shaw’s plane. Shaw takes over the call, and Chandler tells her that if she touches either of his children, he will hunt her down and kill her.

Shaw offers a trade: his children for Chandler himself.

A standoff outside the plane escalates, with Vulture team and Cobra team, along with Meylan, facing off against the soldiers guarding the plane. Chandler arrives, and, shrugging off any plans that have been made, reluctantly allows Tex and Kara to board the plane with him: Kara to get his children off the plane, and Tex to ensure that all three of the Chandlers aren’t killed. The children are unharmed, but terrified, and Shaw lets them go as soon as Chandler is on board.

They run to their father, and Chandler’s world is shattered as Ashley tells him that “they killed grandpa”. Kara hustles the kids from the plane with Tex, leaving Chandler at Shaw’s mercy. Outside, Slattery and his team have worked out a plan. The plane begins to taxi, and Shaw’s men fan out, covering the plane. Tex manages to open a hatch in the underside of the plane and get back inside. Shaw taunts Chandler, leaving no doubt that she plans to kill him when they reach their destination.

As the plane leaves the hangar, Slattery begins to talk to the soldiers guarding the plane, appealing to them to choose the right side. One young corporal is obviously wavering, and Witt is losing his control over his men. Chandler demands answers from Shaw, and she turns everything around, blaming everything – including Michener’s death – on Chandler himself. She spins a tale of a tragic life in a small town, and how she fought to take control. How she killed to take control.

However, her story gets cut short as Tex bursts into the cabin, killing one of the guards, and Sasha shoots the pilot of the plane. Chandler shoots the copilot and the final guard, leaving Shaw alone with he and Tex, Chandler’s gun trained on her. Tex warns him not to kill her: it’s not who he is, and she’s not worth it. Slowly, Chandler lowers his gun, having changed his mind about shooting her. Tex, though, has problems of his own: he’s been shot, fatally, and dies in front of Chandler.

Shaw continues to taunt Chandler, and it pushes him over the edge. Having finally had enough, he shoots her.

Outside, the soldiers surrender when they see the plane has been taken and their “leader” isn’t going to get them out of things. The coup is dismantled once and for all. Boarding the plane, Slattery finds a devastated Chandler surrounded by bodies, a broken man.

Back on board the Nathan James, hours later, Chandler, alone on deck, is joined by Slattery, and admits that he didn’t have to kill her. Slattery tries to reason with him, making allowances, but Chandler refuses to accept this, saying he must hold himself to a higher standard. He muses on the state of the country, and says he can’t be the person to bring it back to its core values.

In the White House, Green is helping clean up the war room, when Kara enters, baby Frankie in her arms, and Green finally gets to meet his son. Debbie Foster and President Oliver look on fondly, before, with a sigh of relief, Oliver disables the weapons system used by Shaw to try to destroy the Nathan James.

Chandler, though, it seems, has had enough, and is seen packing his bags. Sasha remonstrates with him, but is unable to reach him, even by telling him that his crew needs him, and Kathleen – Tex’s daughter – needs him. He is jaded as he asks her which speech he is supposed to give. He has had enough of death, and takes the blame for everyone who has died on his watch. Despite an impassioned plea from Sasha to put on his uniform, he refuses, donning only his Nathan James cap before turning back and kissing her.

Oliver is seen addressing the country, and, with Oliver’s speech in the background, we return to the Nathan James, watching the crew assemble to witness Chandler leaving the ship for the last time. He asks permission from Slattery to leave, which is given. The ship’s crew salutes and cheers, and Slattery yells “don’t look back”. Chandler leaves the ship and his crew, heading into an uncertain future.