Kara, Tex, Kathleen and President Oliver are driving through the night, aiming for San Diego, where the Nathan James will put to port. In the background, Manuel Castillo, the West Coast Regional Leader can be heard giving a rousing speech to try to keep up morale among his people. Kara is bemused that the military is willingly going along with the dismantling of the country.

The Nathan James has received an order to berth at San Diego, which causes disturbance among the leadership. Discovering that the military has been dismantled, they decide to proceed cautiously, and come up with a plan to stay off Castillo’s radar. They then plan to take down his center of gravity, in order to smoke out Castillo, then take down the other Regional Leaders.

In the White House, Castillo reveals that he has taken control of the dead Senator Beatty’s region, and the other Regional Leaders are less than happy. Shaw steps in, ordering Price to provide the oil to allow Castillo to mine the resources from Beatty’s region, but he must share the proceeds equally amongst the partners. Meanwhile, Shaw’s military leader, Colonel Witt, is preparing a missile to take out the Nathan James as she approaches San Diego. The leaders jostle over who will give the final authorization to fire the missile, but Croft eventually wins out.

Kara and co arrive at the former refugee station in Las Vegas, where they are ambushed, and saved by an old man with a rifle. Returning with him to his home, he explains to them that there is no food, and, as it is his home, he has no desire to leave. Others have followed the food, and are working 16 hours a day for enough food to live. Kathleen gives the old man their last can of food, and the man expresses his gratitude, having recognized Oliver as the president.

Chandler is concerned that it is too quiet as the Nathan James approaches San Diego. On the beach, Kara and Tex’s car arrives, and they watch a ship approaching, filled with hope. However, that hope turns to anguish as they see the ship destroyed. Kara, devastated, flings herself into the sea in an attempt to get to the ship, but Tex holds her back, letting her sob in his arms.

Kara’s first thought is to go on the run with Frankie, but only after killing the Regional Leaders in revenge for Danny’s death. However, Tex tempers this with planning, and they follow Castillo’s men, who had come to check that the Nathan James had been sunk.

Back out at sea…

The crew of the Nathan James watches the burning hulk of the Henan, and work out a plan to get ashore and take Castillo’s center of gravity.

Shaw and Price celebrate, but Shaw, as ever, gets right to the point: she wants St Louis. Price slopes her shoulders, and passes the responsibility to Wilson, whose territory covers St Louis. Relenting slightly, she agrees to back Shaw as long as her shipment from Castillo arrives safe and sound.

Tex, Kara and co arrive at what appears to be a distribution center, and start to case the area, looking for a way in, and potentially a way to steal the food back to give to the people. Tex and Kara go inside to scout, leaving Kathleen and Oliver watching the front for patterns in movement. As Kara hides behind a shipping container, a hand clamps over her mouth, and she is dragged backwards. A voice whispers “it’s me” in her ear, and she turns to find her husband, Danny Green. The two have an emotional reunion.

Tex meets up with Chandler and the rest of the team, meanwhile, and the two exchange fond greetings. Back with Oliver and Kathleen, information is shared, and a plan formed. Through further investigation,Sasha explains that she has found train tracks, and so they follow the train tracks with the intention of stopping it from reaching its destination.

Tex and Wolf lay charges on the tracks, so that they can derail the train. Meantime, on board the Nathan James, they are working to decode a transmission between Castillo and General Bradley, who is controlling the operation to move the train out from the warehouse. The train is almost at the interception point when the transmission is understood: “the cargo on the train won’t be hungry”.

They aren’t trafficking food, they’re trafficking people.

Chandler, Tex, Wolf and Green board the train as it speeds towards the charges on the track, and, after a brutal fight, manage to stop the train with inches to spare. Opening the freight trucks, they are confronted with scared looking people – including children – who beg to be allowed to go on their way and get to work, otherwise they won’t get fed. Disgusted, Chandler rails at the General, forcing him to tell Castillo that there has been an incident, and that he needs to come down to the depot. However, General Bradley warns Chandler that if he doesn’t kill Castillo, Castillo will kill them all.

The train’s delay is soon noticed, and Castillo is berated by Shaw and Price. The two women believe it to be a ploy by Castillo, but he seems just as confused as they are. Castillo promises to investigate, and Shaw orders a dive team to check that the ship that was sunk off San Diego really was the Nathan James.

The train, along with Vulture team and co, heads back to the depot, where Castillo demands to know what has happened. When Bradley refuses to answer, he orders him to be shot, but Chandler reveals himself, and Castillo is arrested. Oliver ensures that all of Castillo’s military are sworn back into the service of the United States, and the team returns to the Nathan James, where emotional reunions abound. When Chandler questions Castillo, the Regional Leader is unrepentant, making excuses that he was giving people what they wanted. However, Chandler reminds Castillo that he will be torn to pieces by his “people” if he fails to cooperate.

Shaw, meanwhile, is all out of options, and starts to form a dangerous plan to try to salvage what she can of her beautiful dream turned sour.