3×11 – LEGACY



The Price ranch, in Texarkana, Texas, and a man is taking a savage beating to a voiceover from Regional Leader Roberta Price. It is obvious that this man has been working for Price, but his men have stolen some information, and she wants it back before it goes public. The man laughs in her face, blood trickling down his chin, as he paints the picture of defiance.

Welcome back, Tex.

Despite the savagery of his beating, a threat against his daughter, and the fact that Price then threatens Kara, due to the message left on his answerphone, Tex doesn’t talk, instead lunging for Price. Thrown into a locked stall in the barn, Tex chuckles: he managed to rip Price’s brooch from her suit, and is clearly formulating an escape plan. Price’s men discover Tex’s escape, but the Regional Leader is unfazed: they know exactly where he is headed.

Flashback to President Michener in his bedroom, pensively drinking whisky and looking at pictures of his dead family. Shaw’s security men are checking the room and drawing the curtains. Without a word, Agent Costas takes his drink from him, placing it down, while another agent comes up behind him, strangling him with one of his own ties. We now know what was suspected all along: President Michener was assassinated, and on the orders of his own Chief of Staff.

Back to present day, and President Oliver is doing his best to stand up to Allison Shaw, but ultimately failing, even to the point where she orders him to wear a different suit. Unhappy with a speech she is telling him to deliver, she once again reminds him that there will be dire consequences unless he does as he is told.

On board the Nathan James, plans are being made to take out Peng and his navy. Takehaya has received intelligence that he is heading to the Japanese National Archives in Tokyo, with the intent to destroy them, and erase thousands of years of Japanese culture in one fell swoop. That, then, is where the Nathan James sets a course for. However, they have the rest of Peng’s navy to contend with first.

Peng is already at the Japanese National Archive, and, after destroying a priceless statue, gives instructions to his men to take the most valuable items, and make a bonfire with the rest, a bonfire that he can broadcast to the rest of the world. His ship, the Henan, is patrolling Tokyo Bay, on the lookout for the Nathan James.

Unfortunately for the Henan, the Nathan James spots them first, but, without knowing where Peng’s second ship is, are unable to take action against it. A plan is formed to storm the Henan, while a land team takes the Japanese National Archive. There’s a small snag, though: if Vulture team are detected before Henan’s CIC is taken, the Henan will fire on Vulture team. Split second timing is crucial. Meylan finally shows his true allegiance, and asks to help.

Arriving at the gas station, Kara and Jacob are intercepted by Price’s men, pretending to have been sent by Tex, but show their hand too early. Using tasers, they manage to subdue Jacob and Kara, but Tex arrives in the nick of time, shooting Price’s men, and takes Kara and Jacob back to his home. He explains to Kara what he had been doing for Price, and why he had decided to stop working for her. Jacob, in the meantime, receives a copy of the speech that Oliver is scheduled to give, and they are horrified to discover that he intends to suspend the government of the USA.

The crew of the Nathan James prepare for their missions, some deeply personal moments shared in the helo bay. As the teams depart, Peng’s men can be seen destroying the archives with gleeful abandon. As Vulture team reconnoitre the archive, Chandler tells them to stand down and wait for Cobra team to take the CIC of the Henan. The CIC is secured swiftly, and the go ahead is given for Vulture team to kill the lights and take the archive.

However, the crew of the Henan don’t take things lying down, and manage to fire a cluster of missiles at the archives, straight at Vulture team. In a tense few minutes, the Nathan James manages to take the missiles down, with moments to spare. However, going to active radar allows Peng’s second ship to target the Nathan James. Slattery takes the weapons console in the Henan’s CIC, and destroys Peng’s second ship. With Peng’s navy out of action, Vulture team take the archive, and go on the hunt for Peng.

Takehaya, devastated by the destruction of his culture, is set on vengeance, and, after Peng is flushed out, he is first to encounter him. In a tense standoff in which both men’s lives are on the line, Takehaya skewers Peng with a samurai sword, bringing to a definitive end the reign of terror he had wrought on Asia. Vulture team arrive, and Peng refuses to tell Chandler who he was working with in America, instead choosing to taunt him before dying. A weakened Takehaya declines to go back to the Nathan James, and, parting as equals and friends, chooses to stay in his homeland to die.

President Oliver has the press assembled on the lawn of the White House, about to make his speech to dissolve the USA, when Jacob Barnes interrupts, and Oliver backtracks before being ushered inside. Kara and Tex are waiting, and take out the security guards, before taking him to safety. Shaw confronts them, and, as she is unarmed, Kara opts not to shoot her, instead escaping with Oliver and Tex. Tex’s mean, meanwhile, have stormed the lawn, and a firefight has broken out. This gives enough of a distraction for Kathleen to drive in ready to rescue Tex, Kara and Oliver. Jacob Barnes, unfortunately, gets caught on the lawn, and is executed.

On the Nathan James, Kyoko and Jesse take their leave as the Nathan James prepares to head back to the USA. However, a broadcast from Allison Shaw leaves everyone devastated, and leaves them wondering just who can be trusted.