3×10 – SCUTTLE

Scuttle / Ep 310 TNT

Scuttle / Ep 310 TNT

Having witnessed the murders of Secretary Rivera and Senator Beatty, Kara decides to take matters into her own hands. Making sure that Frankie is safe with her mother, she calls Jed Chandler to take them to safety, and works to figure out what is going on in St Louis.

On board the Nathan James, Captain Meylan has the painful task of witnessing his ship scuttled, sending it to the bottom of the sea rather than risk any enemies getting their hands on anything of importance. It is clear, though, that Meylan has doubts about Chandler and the crew of the Nathan James. Granderson has received a coded transmission, and proposes sending a dive team down to the Chinese ship to retrieve the cipher. Meylan disagrees, but Chandler gives the go-ahead. It is clear that the two men are going to butt heads some more.

At the White House, President Oliver rescinds many of Michener’s policies, as per the wishes of the Regional Leaders. He also places the military under control of the Regional Leaders in order to try to quell rioting. Jacob Barnes smells a rat, and questions the reasons. Shaw quickly whisks the president away, refusing to allow any further questions, and announces that the daily addresses will cease, being replaced by briefings from her office. Kara calls, telling Shaw that she witnessed Rivera and Beatty’s murders, and Shaw tells her she will send someone to get her. Rather than going herself, she sends her security men. Kara watches from a distance as Shaw’s men look for her, clearly intent on more than just meeting her. It is all the confirmation she needs that she needs to look for help elsewhere, and she turns to an unlikely source: Jacob Barnes.

On board the Nathan James, Slattery turns to Takehaya for help: pirates took the cipher from the Chinese ship, can he help them to get in touch so they can get it back? Takehaya agrees. They contact the pirates, who come on board the Nathan James, and try to welch on their deal. Takehaya intervenes, and the pirates back down, the original terms reinstated.

Shaw, meanwhile, has a contretemps with Roberta Price, one of the Regional Leaders, as she tries to leverage a more favourable position for herself. Price makes it clear that Shaw is only a facilitator, and the Regional Leaders are the ones in control. However, Shaw exercises her power in forcing President Oliver to sign an arrest order for Tom Chandler.

Kara, meanwhile, persuades Jacob Barnes to go to Beatty’s office, after explaining that the White House has been compromised. What Barnes discovers unsettles him, and he agrees to help Kara. They call Dennis for assistance, and he brings a curious map that he had found buried away in an encrypted file. Kara and Jacob work out that the map has food warehouses and prisons marked on it, and determine what Shaw and the Regional Leaders are up to. They are interrupted by the door being kicked in: Shaw’s men have found them. Going on the offensive, Kara kills the men, and she and Jacob escape. Driving across country, they discover that the Regional Leaders are building walls; walls to separate their territories once and for all.

The order arrives with Captain Meylan on the Nathan James, and Tom Chandler goes quietly, despite stating that the White House has been compromised. Slattery, on the other hand, makes it clear that, while he might comply with the order as Chandler’s request, he’s not happy about it, and manages to formulate a plan to take back his ship. The plan is complex yet seamless, and a staged fight in the mess gains Slattery access to the armory. Chandler, meanwhile, requests a court martial and appoints Sasha as his legal counsel. This buys them time to take back their ship, and, during a rousing and impassioned opening statement by Chandler at his hearing, Slattery, Wolf and Green, accompanied by two of the pirates, enter the room, effectively completing the mutiny, all without a single shot being fired.

Chandler retakes control, and the Nathan James sets a new course for Japan. It’s time to take on Peng once and for all.