"THE LAST SHIP S3 UNIT"  "Utopia" / Ep 309  TNT  Ph: Doug Hyun

“THE LAST SHIP S3 UNIT” “Utopia” / Ep 309 TNT Ph: Doug Hyun

A flashback to a factory, workers making bomblets and packing them into red and yellow missiles, much like the one that the crew of the Nathan James earlier discovered on the boat. Cut to a forest on the China/Vietnam border, where one of the missiles drops, and fails to explode. Hailing it as a dud, Vietnamese soldiers are soon caught in a green mist. Receiving the cure, they have no clue that it is not going to be effective…

Chandler briefs President Oliver on the current standings in Asia, and Peng’s plans. They know where the missiles are being manufactured – a small island called Paraiso – and ask permission to go there, but for backup from the two other US ships in the area – USS Shackleton and USS Hayward. However, Oliver isn’t so easily swayed, and promises the ships to Chandler only if he is able to tie the missiles to Peng.

Kara and Dennis are still working on the video issue in the White House, and Kara works out what it is causing the jamming: the signal is that of a human voice. Shut out of yet another meeting by Shaw, Kara is frustrated.

Vulture team visits Paraiso Island, which, to all intents and purposes lives up to its name: Paradise. Seemingly deserted, the team are taken by surprise when a tennis ball bounces in front of them, followed up by a friendly Filipino man in tennis whites. It is an incongruous scene for somewhere that is the source of mass genocide.

Taken on a tour of the island by Kanoa, Vulture team are taken to a clothing factory, where they are told that they are manufacturing clothes for distribution across south-east Asia. However, the team is suspicious, and Sasha questions one of the women, who is stopped from talking. Getting to the point, Chandler asks where the other factory is, and the man plays dumb.

However, a young girl runs past, and Green gives chase. She speaks English, and explains that she is a slave, and that there is another factory. Kanoa splutters to deny this, but Chandler gives him no option other than to tell the truth, and admit that Peng has been using the people of Paraiso to create his missiles.

Kanoa takes the team to a bunker, where they are ambushed by MSS, and Kanoa is shot. Vulture team neutralises the enemy, and enters the munitions site, where they find parts of a missile, and a stencil in Chinese, linking the missiles irrevocably to Peng. The missiles in question are headed for Korea, and it is clear that Peng has stepped up his game. Takehaya surmises that Peng’s ship will use the narrow strait between China and Taiwan to move his missiles, and the Nathan James sets course.

The USS Hayward, captained by Captain Meyland, and the USS Shackleton contact the Nathan James, and they arrange a plan to take out the Chinese ship. Closing on the Formosa Strait, the American ships prepare for a sea battle.

Back in the White House, Kara finds Secretary Alex Rivera in her office, looking through her computer, and he covers it up, but only with the flimsiest of stories. He claims to be worried about which side Kara is on, and she is indignant in response. Rivera proceeds to denigrate Chandler, only raising more red flags with Kara, and leaving her wondering which side Rivera is on.

Dennis reveals the source of the jamming signal, which is a human voice saying sequences of three words. The source of the signal is shocking: it is coming from within the White House itself. But what does it mean? Dennis discovers it is a geomapping system that uses three words to pinpoint every nine square metre spot on earth, and, effectively, someone from inside the White House has been transmitting coordinates… but for what?

Kara maps out the coordinates, and is shocked to discover that the coordinates match up with key events experienced by the Nathan James and its crew. Too late, she tries to stop the ships from going any further into the strait, and the US ships are ambushed from land. Disaster strikes, and the ships are unable to fight back against such a surprise ambush. The USS Shackleton is hit and sunk, and the USS Hayward suffers grave damage.

Recovering from the percussive blasts, the crew of the Nathan James conduct a rescue operation, but it is clear that there has been a heinous loss of life across the two ships. Bringing the survivors on board, Captain Meylan is less than convinced that Takehaya is an ally, and is unwilling to accept that someone else may be passing on information to Peng.

Peng, meanwhile, is on board the Chinese ship, and we see a close up of a card, containing the most recently transmitted three words from the White House.

President Oliver wants to initiate a search and rescue for their people, but Shaw stops him in his tracks, and lays down the law: she’s calling the shots, not him. Kara, meanwhile, follows Rivera down to the parking garage, where he meets with Senator Beatty. Beatty and Rivera are shot, and, in his dying breath, Rivera warns Kara that she isn’t safe. Leaving the White House, Kara sees police cruisers heading in that direction, and realises that Rivera was right.