Sea Change / Ep 308 TNT

Sea Change / Ep 308 TNT

America is a country in mourning after the death of its president, and, alongside the grief, a new president is sworn in: Howard Oliver, former mayor of St Louis, who kept his city running while it was being ravaged by the virus. It is business as usual at the White House, though, with Allison Shaw ordering Kara to gather all available intelligence on Peng, in order for the Regional Leaders to be briefed. Shaw also reveals to Kara that Michener had attempted suicide before, and intimated that she and Michener had been in a relationship.

Michener’s loss has hit the crew of the Nathan James, hard, and Chandler takes offence at Peng’s message to the American people. Slattery and Sasha talk him out of an all-out offensive against Peng, and the decision is made to return to Shanzhai to find Wu Ming, in order to gather intelligence. A land team is organised and dispatched to Shanzhai.

Jesse takes the helo out, only to find Shanzhai razed to the ground. Back to square one, Takehaya recommends they look for Wu Ming’s mother. With no other avenues open to them, they journey to where Takehaya tells them they can find “Momma Ming”.

In St Louis, the video jamming signal we saw in earlier episodes is still in full force, and Dennis and Kara try to find its source. On a call to the Nathan James, Kara admits how shaken she is at finding Michener’s body, and Granderson reassures her that she is needed in St Louis.

Vulture team reach Momma Ming’s home, and surveill it, only to find MSS agents beating Wu Ming and holding his family hostage.The team storm the house, taking out the MSS agents, with Wolf brutally killing Lau Hu in vengeance for Valerie’s murder. With the immediate threat from Peng’s men having passed, Chandler and Sasha interrogate Wu Ming, while the rest of the team search the house. Wu Ming blames Chandler for Shanzhai having been burned out.

While Chandler questions Wu Ming about black circles on ships, Danny and Wolf find lottery tickets pegged to the wall. Sasha recognises the numbers on the front of the ticket as coordinates, and, now knowing that these are locations of ships, they turn over all the tickets, finding a black circle: a circle that represents a ship that the pirates weren’t allowed to touch.

Back in the White House, the new president is already feeling the pressure from the Regional Leaders, and Kara is feeling ever more sidelined. Shaw goes on the attack, telling Kara that Michener took the easy way out, so the only person who can be blamed if all the decisions are overturned is Michener himself. Shocked by Shaw’s reaction, especially when she is shut out of meetings, Kara begins to wonder what is going on.

In the meantime, Rios is searching for any and all information about the cure, reassembling Rachel Scott’s laboratory, in an attempt to determine why the cure wasn’t working for Takehaya and his wife. It is a poignant moment for Chandler when he comes to the lab to talk to Rios, his fingers lingering over Rachel’s diary for just a moment. Rios has made a critical discovery: the virus carried by Takehaya and his wife isn’t the same as the Red Flu. It’s bulkier, and is preventing the cure from working. Has the virus mutated?

Tracking the vessel indicated by the ticket with the black circle, the crew of the Nathan James are surprised to find that it is a pleasure cruiser. Boarding the ship, initial searches find nothing other than a few guns. A deeper search locates a stash of drugs that the owner of the boat states that Peng’s men had packed. However, Sasha is unconvinced, and, behind the drug stash, finds a missile in a hidden compartment. Back on the Nathan James, the missile is dismantled, finding bomblets filled with a green powder. A green powder that creates a green mist when deployed. When Kyoko was sick, she had murmured about a green mist that came in the night. What is the meaning of the mist?

Rios discovers that the virus hasn’t mutated, but the green mist wraps it in a protein, which binds to the cell and prevents the cure penetrating it. This effectively means that there is no way that anyone carrying the altered virus can be cured. Knowing that the missiles carry this protein, it becomes clear what Peng’s plan is: genocide.