3×07 – IN THE DARK

In The Dark / Ep 307 TNT

In The Dark / Ep 307 TNT

“Dear Maria…”

The episode opens with a gut-wrenching monologue from Danny Green, reading out a letter to Cruz’s sister, explaining his death, and passing on his dogtags. The Nathan James is out at sea, and the hostages are trying to readjust to their new found freedom: not an easy thing to do, especially when the iron-rich diet they are given is identical to what they were fed by the pirates. Garnett comforts a distraught Miller, a touching moment that illustrates how they are struggling to return to normal life. The Nathan James is heading out to sea, in order to prevent the Chinese tracking their radio transmissions, and Takehaya is revealed to be injured, but otherwise alive and well.
Takehaya accuses Chandler – and the Americans – of poisoning his country, but Chandler brushes this off, stating that what they had received “was no cure”. Despite the atrocities committed by Takehaya and his men, Chandler assures him that he is protected by the Geneva Convention, and no harm will come to him. Kyoko, Takehaya’s wife, is still sick with malaria and the Red Flu, but Rios has confirmed that her blood carries both the virus and the cure. What could this indicate?

One of Peng’s ships is in pursuit, and steps are taken to evade the ship. However, the strength of the signal from the ship turns out to be not one ship close by, but four ships further out: Peng’s entire remaining fleet is searching for the Nathan James. Evasive manoeuvres are taken.

The ship goes dark.

A masterfully directed scene on the darkened bridge sets the tone, with Chandler talking directly to Sasha, but it appears as though he is addressing the audience directly, as their eyes adjust to the darkness. The ship manages to mask itself behind a small island, but it is only a matter of time before Peng’s ships discover its whereabouts.

Takehaya explains how the cure was delivered to the Japanese, and, to all intents and purposes, it looks as though the cure was correctly received by his people. However, people kept dying, and the cure appeared to be ineffective. Takehaya, being one of the local distribution partners for the cure, was in charge, and feels responsible for the death of his people. Takehaya denies working with Peng, though, and, despite now being aided by the crew of the Nathan James, still displays immense animosity towards them.

Back in America, Jacob Barnes is still stirring the pot, and is seen interviewing Curtis, the man who murdered Rachel Scott. His intent is clear: to dig up damaging information on Jeffrey Michener, in an attempt to destabilise his presidency. He shows Michener the film, and this prompts the president to make a statement to the American people, admitting that he broke quarantine to try to save his son, and, in doing so, became responsible for the deaths of everyone in the safe zone.

Meanwhile, the Nathan James is pinned between two of Peng’s ships, and a simple piece of subterfuge buys them enough time to escape into island cover again. Takehaya’s wife goes into labour, and Rios calls Green to assist with a C-section. It is a risky delivery, as it will expose the unborn child to the virus in Kyoko’s blood, but the operation is a success. Seeing his son – Kaito – Takehaya softens, and allows Rios to give his son the cure. On meeting his son for the first time, there is a touching moment between him, Chandler and Slattery.

The Chinese ships aren’t going away, and continue their search. Takehaya agrees to help, and is taken onto the bridge, where a tense moment occurs between him and Jeter. The best way out of the situation with the Chinese is clear: back through the minefield.

Despite misgivings, Takehaya is permitted to pilot the ship, weaving a dangerous and nail biting course through his minefield, and, after one of the Chinese ships is destroyed by the mines, the other three turn back. The Nathan James is able to make its escape unhindered. On discovering that his son is virus free, Takehaya expresses his gratitude to Chandler and Slattery, before giving them information on who gave him the information on where to find the Nathan James, and in return, not to target certain ships. The informant was Wu Ming, who now owns Chandler’s watch. A return to Shanzhai appears to be on the cards.

At the White House, a subdued Michener asks Kara after Frankie’s health, telling her to enjoy every minute with him. When she receives news from the Nathan James, Kara goes to his quarters, only to be stopped by security. She pulls rank and enters the room, shocked by what she finds.

President Michener is dead, having apparently committed suicide.