3×06 – DOG DAY

“THE LAST SHIP S3 UNIT” “Dog Day” / Ep 306 TNT

“THE LAST SHIP S3 UNIT” “Dog Day” / Ep 306 TNT

With the pirates aware that the Nathan James is getting close, preparations are made to move the hostages out of the village. However, Slattery and the rest of the hostages have been working on a plan to attract the attention of the Nathan James, and Garnett, as the most qualified, is chosen to attempt to affect a change in the signal coming from the radio tower on the island, in a way that the Nathan James will recognise.

Despite infighting among the pirates, Takehaya is determined to take down the Nathan James, but not before he gets his wife and their unborn baby to safety. Under cover of night, the hostages are moved out, and, using a distraction caused by Slattery, Garnett manages to escape the group and head for the radio tower. She successfully tampers with it to create the signal they need. She makes it back to the group, unnoticed by all aside from Takehaya’s wife, who covers for her.

In the meantime, Chandler and his crew are trawling the islands to try to find evidence of where the hostages are being held. They notice a strange radio signal, and head for an island that wasn’t on Peng’s map. Michener gives permission to go ahead, despite having no firm evidence other than the strange signal.

Under pressure from Jacob Barnes, Michener admits to the journalist that Chandler is on board the Nathan James, heading the hostage rescue mission. Barnes admits that one of the Regional Leaders is leaking him information, but refuses to admit which one. Barnes then threatens Michener that he will go public with the information, but the president promises Barnes his first interview after the hostages are released, as long as he keeps his mouth shut. Shaw reassures Michener that everything will be okay, and we witness signs of a growing closeness between the president and his chief of staff.

A land team is sent to the island where the signal emanated from, and they find the camp, which is ultimately deserted. As Green and his team search a hut, finding fresh supplies, we see the injured Miller, along with Rios and Takehaya’s wife, being held underneath the floorboards. Chandler’s team find fresh machete marks in the bamboo forest, and follow the trail. Up ahead, Jeter stumbles, his blood having recently been taken, and Takehaya explains that their radio tower trick has been discovered.

Suddenly, one of Vulture team’s members is shot, seemingly by an invisible enemy, and the team hunkers down, unsure how to protect themselves against an unseen foe. Moving on again, another member of the team is shot, and, once again, the enemy is unseen. Movement in the bushes gives away the position of one of the pirates, and, having been shot, he disappears again. Sasha finds the entry to a tunnel system, and the team splits in an attempt to take them out.

As Slattery, Garnet, Diaz and Jeter are moved out, we discover that Diaz’s hands are untied, and he batters a pirate in the head with a stone, allowing the rest of the hostages to take action and make a break for escape. Diaz stumbles across Chandler and Sasha, and leads Vulture team to where the rest of the hostages are. With Jeter about to be executed, Vulture team make their move, but their defeat of the pirates did not leave them without loss. Cruz is shot in the neck, leaving Green, in particular, devastated. Slattery refuses to leave Miller and Rios behind, and Cruz’s bulletproof vest is given to him to allow him to join the search.

Takehaya, meanwhile, has escaped, and Slattery leads Vulture team back to the village, where they are ambushed by the MSS. The decision is taken to send the helo as backup, and Vulture team are pinned in a rickety wooden hut while they await extraction. Also under fire from MSS, Takehaya is injured, but manages to stay clear of both MMS and Vulture team.

Unable to make their escape, a risky plan is worked out, using the helo as a target, and firing the 5” gun from the Nathan James, a risk which ultimately pays off. Under cover of dark, Miller and Rios are prepared to out, and they make a daring escape, killing the two pirates guarding them. Miller makes a run for it, running into Chandler and Slattery. However, Takehaya takes him at gunpoint, creating a standoff. Ultimately, Kyoko talks her husband down, and he releases Miller. The pirate and his wife are taken into custody, and back to the Nathan James.

Back on board, the members of the crew count their losses, and Chandler tries to persuade Slattery that none of this is his fault, resolving to discover exactly what is going on.