Minefield - Chandler talks to the team

“THE LAST SHIP S3 UNIT” “Minefield” / Ep 305 TNT

The Nathan James has been stranded right in the middle of a deadly minefield, and the crew goes on high alert in an attempt to avoid being destroyed by the mines. A dive team is sent down to determine what they are dealing with, and this leads to both surprising results and tragic consequences. It would appear that whoever laid the minefield had prepared for every eventuality, with the mines tethered in clusters of three, and of three different types.

A plan is formed to clear a path through the mines. However, Wolf has his concerns, and belays the order to start clearing. However, Kodelski ignores this, and untethers a cluster. The simple act of moving the cluster triggers the unknown type of mine, killing Kodelski instantly. It is discovered that the third mine has a motor attached, and the mines are sophisticated enough to be able to track their targets, making an escape from the minefield all but impossible.

The hostages, despite their weakened state, are being used for manual labour, and Takehaya reveals that they will be hunting the Nathan James that day. Slattery witnesses a large missile being unloaded. Back in the camp, Slattery and Rios are taken from the others, and ordered to help Takehaya’s wife, who is heavily pregnant, and, as well as suffering from the Red Flu, has contracted malaria. With limited medical resources, there is only so much that Rios can do to help.

President Michener, under pressure from his Regional Leaders and the people back in America, publicly orders the withdrawal of all US Naval forces from Asian waters in an attempt to negotiate the release of the hostages. Along with help from the media in the shape of Jacob Barnes, the Regional Leaders continue to pile the pressure onto Michener, making his hold on the presidency ever more tenuous as he refuses to bow to their demands and blackmail. However, it appears that Barnes is being fed information, potentially from one of the Regional Leaders.

Back on board the Nathan James, a plan is formed to use the Nixies – towed torpedo decoys – to trigger the mines, clearing a path for the ship to pass through. Green volunteers to pilot a RHIB to trail one of the Nixies, but, wanting to keep Green safe so that he can get home to meet his son for the first time, Wolf and Cruz selflessly offer to pilot the RHIB. Green joins the crew on the helo, along with Jesse, Sasha and Gator.

A dangerous operation ensues, with the helo towing one Nixie, and the RHIB towing the other. However, a torpedo comes at the ship out of the blue, and Wolf and Cruz volunteer to intercept it. The torpedo locks onto the Nixie, and the small boat is blown apart. A tense search operation is mounted, and Wolf and Cruz are located, clinging to a piece of broken hull. Awash with relief, we also see the first hint of the former depth of relationship between Chandler and Sasha.