“THE LAST SHIP S3 UNIT” “Devil May Care” / Ep 304 TNT Ph: Doug Hyun

The news has broken in America about the hostages, and the situation for Michener is worsening. Under the threat of further executions of the captives from the Nathan James, confidence in his ability to lead is being questioned, and a terrified country is looking to him to lead. Jacob Barnes, a journalist, seems to know far more than he should do about the situation, and Kara wonders just how he’s been getting his information.

The captives, having been badly beaten, are still being bled for the pirates, and Slattery manages to find out that they had received the cure, but it didn’t work. Was it the real cure, or a fake one, or has the virus mutated? Miller has been severely injured, but it doesn’t stop the captives trying to find a way out.

Chandler, though, is holding a vital piece of information: Slattery and Jeter gave out coordinates instead of their service numbers, and it has given him and his crew something to go on in the search. However, if their search is to continue, they need more fuel, and the only refuelling station is being blocked by the Chinese. Question is, how did the Chinese know they were going to be there? Suspicions abound, and Chandler decides that the only course of action is to ask Peng directly: by raiding his mansion. President Michener reluctantly agrees to the plan.

Under cover of night, Jesse flies Chandler and his team into Hong Kong, from where they travel to Peng’s mansion. Taking out the power, the team breaks in, ambushing Peng after his swim. Taking Peng at gunpoint to his office, Sasha joins them, and it is clear that Peng is surprised that she has betrayed him. There is a hint of something deeper between them. Chandler lays out his demands for fuel, and, predictably, Peng refuses. However, after Peng states that Chandler is too noble to kill him, Wolf steps forward, stating he isn’t noble.

Accepting that he will die unless the Nathan James is allowed to refuel, Peng gives the order for the blockade to be lifted. Sasha, looking for a connection to Takehaya, appears frustrated when she is unable to find a link. Peng, however, acts with shock at the mention of Takehaya’s name, stating that he has been hunting for him due to atrocities committed by the man against China. Is it a case of the enemy of my enemy is my friend? Only who is the enemy?

Leaving the mansion after dawn, Chandler and his team are ambushed by Peng’s men, but, seemingly embarrassed that his mansion’s security was breached so easily, orders his men to let them go, and that they were “never here”. Back on board the Nathan James, Chandler is greeted with the news that, not only were they able to refuel, but restock on food as well.

All is not well with the captives, though. Takehaya has worked out that coordinates were given on the video, not the captives’ service numbers, and proclaims that Slattery has led his friends to their deaths.

As the episode closes, we see the Nathan James approaching an island… only to be drawn into a minefield.