"THE LAST SHIP S3 UNIT"  "In a Gadda Da Vida" / Ep 303  TNT  Ph: Doug Hyun

“THE LAST SHIP S3 UNIT” “In a Gadda Da Vida” / Ep 303 TNT Ph: Doug Hyun

The captives have now been taken from the ship to an isolated village, and if they thought that things would be easier on dry land, they couldn’t have been more wrong. As well as having lost Mason, it becomes apparent why they were taken: their blood. They are unwilling blood donors to Takehaya, the pirate leader, and his crew. It would appear that they are suffering from the virus, and believe that the crew’s blood will cure them.

Chandler has taken over control of the Nathan James, and appoints Granderson as his XO, much to the chagrin of new crew member Cameron Burk, who is her senior. Chandler explains that it is a result of Burk Sr’s poor decisions, and, unsurprisingly, Burk is displeased at this. However, he’s not the only one upset at Chandler’s decisions: President Michener tries to dissuade Chandler from going ashore with a team to search for information on the captives.

The team – including Chandler, Sasha, Green and Wolf – head to Shanzhai, a sort of “Dodge City” on the southeast coast of China, where information can be traded, for a price. Sasha seems to know her way around the place well enough, and they go on the hunt for one of Sasha’s connections. Finding the blackmarket trader tucked away in an upstairs room, Chandler trades his “Top Gun” watch for just one name: Kenji.

Hunting for Kenji in a local market, they spy a man wearing Slattery’s shirt. However, when they accost him, MSS soldiers stream in, and the team go on the run, pursued by the MSS soldiers, taking the hapless Kenji with them. Wolf get sinto a remarkable hand to hand fight with Lao Hu – Tiger – one of Peng’s henchmen, but flees with Green’s help when Tiger pulls a knife.

Making their way to cliffs above the town, it looks as though MSS have them cornered, to the point where, after Kenji admits he can’t risk being found out by “Takehaya”, he escapes and allows the MSS agents to gun him down. Jesse arrives in her helo with a gunner, and, firing on MSS, they rescue the team and head back to the Nathan James.

Sasha explains that Takehaya is the name of the Japanese god of the sea, and the pirate using that name is legendary. However, he clearly exists, as he is the pirate whose veins are now full of Slattery’s blood. The captives aren’t taking things lying down, and Miller and Diaz make a brave escape attempt by climbing down through the toilet. After working out the lay of the land, they are captured again by the pirates, and, after being beaten, explain to the rest of the captives what they found, including a potentially operational radio tower. It seems to be only a matter of time before the captives figure out a way to make use of their new information.

Whether or not they get the chance to do so, though, is debatable: the hostages are brought in front of the pirates, and forced to say live on camera that they are prisoners of war…