"THE LAST SHIP S3 UNIT"  "Rising Sun" / Ep 302  TNT  Ph: Doug Hyun

“THE LAST SHIP S3 UNIT” “Rising Sun” / Ep 302 TNT Ph: Doug Hyun

A devastated Chandler, Wolf and Sasha are left at the airfield in China, coming under fire from Chinese MSS agents, immediately confirming suspicions that the Chinese blew up Chandler’s plane for some reason. They escape into the night, heading for the apartment of an old friend of Sasha’s, Jesse, who had helped her get the cure to the people from under Peng’s nose. Sasha persuades Jesse to help by using her helicopter to take them to the Nathan James, and, despite a frostiness, Jesse agrees.

Their truck is stopped by Peng’s men, apparently with only Jesse on board. Searching the vehicle, Sasha is discovered hiding underneath a cover in the back, and she shoots the soldier. This cues Chandler and Wolf to come out of their hiding place under the truck, and they quickly dispatch with the soldiers. The helo, being stored in an irradiated zone, fails to start, but, after jump starting it, they escape from another batch of MSS men just in time.

The captives are being transported by ship, but Mason is in a bad way, having been injured in the nightclub. The pirates refuse to help, instead taking him away and draining his blood. The rest of the captives, meanwhile, can do little other than try to work out where the ship is headed.

The White House staff is hogtied, unable to do anything further until they hear from either the Nathan James or Chandler. They are almost helpless as all they can do is wait. When they discover that Chandler’s plane went down, they assume the worst. The Nathan James, however, isn’t waiting around for orders, and tracks down the ship they believe to be carrying the captives, setting a course to try to intercept. Unable to find the pirate ship, they plan to return to position for a rescue.

Green and Burk. in the meantime, make their way to the docks in the hope they can steal a boat, but come to the attention of the pirates who are searching for them. A fierce fight ensues, and, despite leaving one of the pirates alive and torturing him, they are no closer to finding out who has taken their people. Stealing a small boat, they head back to the Nathan James. Using flares to signal, they catch the attention of the Nathan James. However, MSS agents are in hot pursuit, and it looks as though the small boat will be easy pickings. Chandler and co in the helo aren’t far away, though, and blow the MSS boat to smithereens before returning to the Nathan James. Green and the injured Burk aren’t far behind, and, now safely in international waters, the Nathan James gets the message to the White House that Chandler is very much alive.

One last look at the captives shows Mason being drained completely of his blood and being left for dead.