Interview shorts is our new feature, chatting to episode guest stars who help bring the world and stories of THE LAST SHIP to life.

One of the most pivotal characters in the season four premiere of THE LAST SHIP was Alex, played by Anthony Skordi. Alex was something of a father figure, almost Yoda-like, to Tom Chandler, dispensing wisdom, and reminding him of his destiny, and that you can’t run from your fate. A perfect foil for the quietly angry Chandler, he steered our hero where he needed to go, giving him a little food for thought.

Unfortunately, his fate was sealed when he, with Chandler, angered Giorgio, who exacted the ultimate revenge. No more will those dulcet tones be heard on the show, but Anthony recently took the time to answers some questions for us about his character and his experience on the set, as well as what’s coming next for him.

Had you heard of THE LAST SHIP before auditioning?

“I certainly had.“

What were your first impressions when you got the script?

“I loved the script and was very excited to work on it.“

Alex may have been short lived, but he definitely leaves his mark with the audience. What’s your take on the character?

“The relationship with “Tom” was of paramount importance for Alex to work. Some things, as an actor, one doesn’t need to work for, and developing that relationship was easy, working with Eric.

“Alex is a simple guy who doesn’t want any trouble. To fish, feed his people, and enjoy life as much as possible, under the circumstances. He knows right from wrong and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. [He] wants everybody to be happy and doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. He is also wise enough to chooses his battles.

“Alex, a shrewd, wise, salt of the earth man, realizes who Tom really is and tries to convince him to, once again, save the world…

“Then there’s Giorgio…”

What was the experience like on set?

“The experience on set was wonderful. Everybody was very friendly, and the food? The food was great.”

BTS on ‘401 – In Medis Res’ Courtesy of TNT

You worked closely with Eric Dane, what was that like?

“Working closely with Eric was fun. [He is a] consummate professional. I got to hang out in his trailer between takes and exchange stories. He’s one of the guys for sure and a family man.”

So if you found yourself surviving an apocalypse, and looking for a place to spend the rest of your days, where would you end up?

“Oh my. So many beautiful places in the World that I am hard pressed to pick just one. Probably Cyprus or Crete.”

What can we see you in next?

“‘Star Wars Battlefront 2’ will be released pretty soon, plus, as you’ll understand, projects I can’t talk about right now.”

BTS with co-star Anna Giannotis – Photo Credit: Anthony Skordi


RIP Alex, but Anthony is certainly a welcome addition to the season premiere. Watch out for him in “Star Wars Battlefront 2”, if you’re a gamer, otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for updates on his IMDb page!