We’re just a few weeks out from the premiere of The Last Ship Season 4 on Aug 20! And we have the full list of episode titles for the season, plus the first half of season 5.

Take a look at the episode names below, one thing we know is that the titles are chosen with care, and each may care meaning, be it directly evident, with a clever twist or something a little less obvious. There’s a classic theme of epic adventures running through this seasons, with Executive Producer Steven Kane commenting on inspiration from Homer’s The Odyssey. ‘In Medias Res’ for example is narrative term, in latin for ‘In the middle of things’, so we’re expecting the season to hit the ground running from the start!

Here’s all 10 episode titles for Season 4 & air dates (assuming no break, but this hasn’t been confirmed as of yet).


#401 – In Medias Res (Aug 20)

#402 – The Pillars of Hercules (Aug 20)

#403 – Bread and Circuses (Aug 27)

#404 – Nostos (Sept 3rd)

#405 – Allegiance (Sept 10th)

#406 – Tempest (Sept 17th)

#407 – Feast (Sept 24th)

#408 – Lazaretto (Oct 1st)

#409 – Detect, Deceive, Destroy (Oct 8th)

#410 – Season Finale: Endgame (Oct 15th)

We also now have 5 of the 10 episode titles for Season 5, which is reportedly set to air in 2018 (speculated as being October but this again, has not been officially confirmed).

#501 – Casus Belli (via IMDb) **NEW

#502 – Fog of War (via IMDb)

#503 – El Puente (via SpoilerTV)

#504 – Tropic of Cancer (via SpoilerTV)

#505 – Warriors (via IMDb) **NEW

We’ll keep the list updated as new titles are released. Follow LastShipTV on Twitter for all the news & spoilers!