There’s no official confirmation from TNT yet, but it looks like our favourite show is moving its season 4 premiere date to later in the year.

It’s been speculated about among fans for weeks now, and with the end of May fast approaching without any kind of promotion, a June premiere date was not looking likely.

There’s been a big shake-up in TV programming this year, many shows moving slots as the schedules shuffle around to accommodate new series, and fill up vacated slots. This means a big shift in traditional premiere dates for many including, it seems, The Last Ship.

News broke a few days ago from TV critic Merrill Barr, who was attending TNT‘s Upfront event and he affirmed this news had come from the network:

Executive producer Steven Kane then tweeted to explain:

Mr Kane went on to affirm that this was a Network decision, and that season 4 would be worth waiting for… of that, we have no doubt!

It’s also worth noting that TNT‘s new show ‘Claws‘ premieres on Sunday June 11th in the 8/9c time slot, The Last Ship‘s traditional home on Sundays. With a 10 episode run, figuring on no breaks, it would leave the slot open again in late summer, early fall. Of course there’s nothing to say The Last Ship wont be moving day or time slot, something asked about in the post season 3 feedback survey from the network.

Moving the show to later in the year, or indeed, a new time slot is not automatically a bad thing as many might fear. The Last Ship is a ratings leader in past seasons, it’s biggest competition coming from shows on much bigger networks like ‘Power’ and ratings juggernaut ‘Game of Thrones’.

Moving could give it a new opportunity to grow. Of course as fans we all hate change and worry how it will affect our favourite show. The end of the week is our Last Ship Sundays, so the thoughts of change are naturally a little disconcerting!

There’s no denying a few extra months wait is going to be painful, but while we weather the storm of withdrawal, we’re thinking of the positives: a move to later in the year gives TNT time for a big build up to season 4, with marketing and promotion to bring in new viewers. That’s something The Last Ship deserves, and with season 5 already confirmed we have not one season but two to look forward to.