No premiere date, and no trailer as of yet for season 4, but we do finally have some plot info! Here’s a round-up of what we know so far.

UPDATE: Season 4’s premiere has been moved to the fall – more info here.

Details have slowly been emerging about where the adventure will take Tom Chandler and the crew of the Nathan James in season 4. We’ve been speculating, and hunting down clues online, but now we finally have something official! TV Guide  & TV Insider posted a short ‘First Look’ article this week, which also included our first official image.

Photo Credit: TNT

When Season 4 of The Last Ship premieres later this summer on TNT, Captain Tom Chandler (Eric Dane) has tossed his razor and “is no longer the buttoned-up Navy officer he was,” says exec producer Steven Kane. While saving people around the world who survived the Red Flu from various enemies, Chandler “discovered a side of himself that was dark, vindictive and violent,” Kane adds. “He retired and set off on an adventure of self-discovery.” But he won’t stay in exile much longer. “There’s a new plague taking over that’s infecting the globe’s food crops,” Kane previews, “and again, there are those who stand in the way of finding a cure.” Look for Chandler and his loyal crew of the Nathan James to head to sea and fight the latest apocalyptic threat.

Source: TV Insider

We also got a little sneak peak courtesy of TNT who have been running a short commercial break bumper to advertise the release of season 3 on DVD/Blu-ray, which included one special shot from season 4.

All 10 episode titles have also now been released, which hint at a season shaped around the Mediterranean, and with themes inspired by classical literature.

4×01 – In Medias Res
4×02 – The Pillars of Hercules
4×03 – Bread and Circuses
4×04 – Nostos
4×05 – Allegiance
4×06 – Tempest
4×07 – Feast
4×08 – Lazaretto
4×09 – Detect, Deceive, Destroy
4×10 – Endgame

Off the back of Season 3, Eric Dane gave an interview to ThreeIfBySpace, here’s what he had to say about season 4.

Season four is going to be intense. Tom has been on three very different, personal journeys between season one and three. Season four will probably be about Chandler’s journey back to consciousness. It’s going to be like an epic, mythical-type odyssey. You’re going to dig it.

Source: ThreeIfBySpace

So what else do we know? Official casting releases have also contained some nuggets of info:

(Peter Weller)

A world-renowned authority in genetic modification and plant biotechnology. Vellek’s expertise will play a critical role in the latest mission for the Nathan James and her crew.

(Jackson Rathbone)

A rich, Greek-American playboy who is charming but also is a dangerous thug. He uses his considerable wealth and power to make the Mediterranean his playground.

(Sibylla Deen)

A cunning survivor of the plague with a special interest in the fate of the world. She is disciplined but also ruthless and unforgiving and has an ax to grind with Chandler.

(Jodie Turner Smith)

A sergeant in the Kenyan Navy and new VBSS operator aboard Nathan James. She joined the global cause to eradicate the virus after hearing stories of the legendary Captain Tom Chandler. Azima is beautiful and flirtatious, but she also knows 50 ways to kill a man with her bare hands.

(Jonathan Howard)

A British Royal Navy commander and MI-6 agent. A cross between James Bond and a Navy SEAL, Fletcher has been tasked to work with the crew of USS Nathan James to recover stolen items that are crucial to the survival of the planet. In so doing, he works closely with Sasha Cooper (Bridget Regan), who’s still with the ship, even in the absence of Capt. Chandler, who walked off Nathan James at the end of Season 3.


So that’s what we have so far! We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more info, and of course that illusive trailer and premiere date. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter for all the latest news, social media posts, and much more.