We’re catching up on our social media round-ups! Production officially finished on Season 4 at the end of March, here’s what the cast & crew were tweeting, instagraming and snapchatting during the final week of filming.

The week’s filming started off at Culver Studios.

Some got reflective, and celebrated the end of another season on the show.

For others, filming continued on location!

With all scenes wrapped at Culver studios, the cast and crew headed down to San Diego for a few days. Not just working together, but hanging out together too!


Back at the ranch, those left behind decided to have a little fun with production mascot Ursa!

Filming continued in San Diego on Thursday, before Executive Producer and bossman Steven Kane announced that was a wrap on season 4!

He sweetened the wrap with some pretty epic TBT (Throw Back Thursday), taking us all the way back to the pilot and season 1.

But filming wasn’t quite over yet, there were still a few scenes to film on Friday as Bridget Regan revealed, as she too celebrated the end of filming for season 4.

Now it might have been a wrap for most of the crew, is wasn’t for all. While the rest of the cast and crew headed off on vacation for spring break, Steven Kane revealed that he, director Peter Weller and a small crew, were back at Culver Studios filming one last scene with everyone’s favourite bromance, Kevin Michael Martin and Jocko Sims.

Shooting a little bonus scene with my close buddy this afternoon for Season 4. Unwrapped for the day. #TheLastShip

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Writer Katie Swain also revealed  this scene would slot in to episode 406 – Tempest.

And that’s a wrap, no really that’s a wrap this time! With only a short 2 week break before season 5 began rolling, the bossman Mr Kane, Kevin and Jocko could head off on vacation!


We got some surprise bts photos from San Diego Naval Base.

And another bts photos from one of the many specialist production crews.

And editor Andrew Cohen shared a unique look at the season 4 premiere.