The Last Ship – Complete Season 3 DVD/BluRay boxsets are set to be released May 2nd 2017! We’ve now updated this post with additional extras info!


TheHDRoom has released additional information on the upcoming season 3 boxset release, including on one of the questions we’ve all been asking: what additional extras will we get, that have not previous been released?

And this is what we’re going to be getting:

“From America’s First Fighting Ship to The Last Ship – An exclusive, never-before-seen 30-minute documentary that details the fascinating history behind the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, the vessel which serves as the inspiration behind the U.S.S. Nathan James. With series’ production taking place on an active military base, the documentary offers viewers a fascinating look into The Last Ship’s special collaboration with the U.S. Navy and gives fans touching, emotional accounts from the series’ cast and production of ways in which the Navy has personally impacted and inspired their lives.”

Source: HDRoom

There’s also the usual extras:

  • Behind-The-Scenes
  • Character/Actor Profiles (Eric Dane, Bridget Regan, Adam Baldwin, & Bren Foster)
  • Behind the Curtain (Women of The Last Ship)
  • Season One & Two recap

And the official cover are has been released:


ORIGINAL POST and several other DVD release info sites have just announced the release date, sighting TNT/Warner as their source. Amazon have also updated their website with the same May date, so it seems to be accurate.

The Boxsets will retail at $39.99 for Blu-Ray and $29.99 for DVD.

Strangely, the boxset already appears to be available in Germany on Amazon, having been released this week. A few fans have received their copies so we’ve getting a look at the box artwork & what special features are available!


According to, the boxsets contain the usual 3 blu-ray discs or 4 DVD discs.


The special features are listed as an additional 60 minutes of material including:

  • What Happened So Far
  • Inside the Episodes (which are part of the iTunes/Amazon Digital downloads, and TNT also released the majority of on YouTube).
  • Behind the Curtain (Also released by TNT on YouTube)
  • Overview Season 3 (Which may be the video released on TNT’s Facebook before season 3 aired)

We may have seen a lot of this bonus material released online by TNT, however it’s worth noting that season 2’s boxsets included an extensive feature looking at the show, additional character profiles and production areas such as the stunt work. We’re hoping this will be the same for season 3’s release.

On the downside, there’s no mention of deleted scenes or bloopers, which fans were eagerly hoping would make it on to this release (though the odd blooper is part of the behind-the-scenes videos so far released).

One of the deleted scenes most hoped for is the full 1 minute machete fight sequence from episode 6, ‘Dog Day’, mentioned online by both Bren Foster & Ron Balicki. It’s definitely one we’d all love to see!

Additional Release dates:

Amazon UK – December 31st 2017 (this will probably be updated shortly to closer to the US release).