Season 4 is in the can! Filming officially wrapped at the end of this week, they’ll take a short vacation and then head back April 10th to start filming season 5.

Filming began just 6 months ago on October 26th 2016. Executive Producer Steven Kane announced the wrap on Thursday, March 23rd, though filming continued with Bridget Regan in San Diego on the Friday, and a small scene was shot at Culver Studios on Saturday 25th March.

The rest of the cast joined in with gratitude and reflections on for some, being part of the show for the last 4 years.

There’s still no official release date for season 4 as of yet, though the show traditionally has a mid-June premiere. Season 3’s premiere date and first trailer dropped around Easter last year, so we should get our first look at season 4 within the next few weeks.

The cast are off on vacation, but the crew will be back working hard to prep, as the show begins production on Season 5 April 10th. No rest for the wicked!

We took a little break ourselves, but we’ll have a full social media round up for the final week of filming shortly, and announcements on new Last Ship Sunday interviews and features this coming week!