18 weeks of filming down on season 4, as production continues on #410 in various locations in and around Los Angeles.

There’s just a couple more weeks of filming left, with a trip to San Diego next week in the pipeline. It’s crazy to think but season 4 is almost in the bag! While post production started last year with episodes going into the edit as soon as they were filmed, the latter stages are also now in progress.

One of those final stages is the sound mix, and Kevin Michael Martin dropped our second peek, well 2nd frame from season 4, during some ADR recording (Additional Dialogue Replacement).

Post production for Season 4.

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The bossman himself, Executive Producer Steven Kane dropped a series of tweets sharing the faces of some of the incredibly talented people who work behind scenes, including that amazing writing staff!

Don’t forget those writers have their very own twitter account and you can follow them here.

Hiram Martinez and Ira Parker have the writing duties for finale!

A concept meeting for the season 4 finale, including that amazing art department (spot Jeffrey Kushon!), who are already hard at work on Season 5.

Brad Fuller, one of the shows Executive Producers from Platinum Dunes, Michael Bay’s production company, popped in for a visit. He’s also Cameron Fuller’s Dad, so showbiz talent runs in the family!

We got a little peak of the legend that is Peter Weller in full director mode, talking with fellow director Paul Holohan.

It seems everyone is getting excited as the season draws to a close, even if it only marks the half way point, with not one but two seasons filming back to back.

And It might have been the early hours of Monday morning, but Ben Cho, Cameron Fuller and Emerson Brooks were on set and ready to goof around!

Apparently Monday was also Cameron Fuller‘s final filming day for production.

One of the locations from this week’s filming, will probably go down as one of the most epic. BB61 – the battleship USS Iowa is now a museum based on San Pedro, and is one of the places we’ll see used in the season finale. Wow, now that is going to be awesome and we cant wait to see how it pans out!

The cast and crew were also incredible excited to be onboard.

About last night. #thelastship #gunsandships

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Now this is what you call #SquadGoals!

The fun and shenanigans continued, including Jocko Sims getting in a little #headsquish trolling of Bren Foster.

And if there’s one thing we love about being fans of The Last Ship, it’s just how amazing and engaged the cast & crew are. We know we’re lucky to be fans of such talented people, and we know that feeling of gratitude is reciprocated as Jocko Sims took to Instagram to express once more.

Season 4 is due to end at the end of the month, they’ll take a short break before diving into season 5 full-time!

Fingers crossed we get that long awaited season 4 trailer soon!

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