The end is nigh! The final episode of season 4 began filming this week, and should finish up sometime in the next week or so. That’s 10 episodes in the bag.

It seems like only yesterday season 4 began filming, that was back on October 27th 2016. Of course it’s still months to the premiere, and we’re currently waiting on an official release date. Hopefully we’ll be thrown a bone in the shape of a trailer sometime soon! Season 3’s dropped easter weekend last year, so fingers crossed its the same this year… which means we’re only weeks away from a much needed taste of what’s to come.

Filming the end of #409 and heading  in to the finale meant a big week ahead, Kevin Michael Martin got his… er….GAME FACE on!

Ben Cho & Cameron Fuller followed Kevin’s lead!

Filming started bright and early…. now that’s what we call a rude awakening time! Ouch!


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Ben Cho, brought a little caffeinated joy to help soften the blow…. because he’s awesome!

And if there’s one thing that makes up for the early starts, it’s craft services! The Last Ship set seems to take it to a whole new level, with special treats as each episode completes. For #409 it was California’s famous In & Out Burger! Followed up with some Mediterranean theme goodies! Jocko Sims and Kevin Michael Martin weren’t shy about digging in!

March 8th was International Women’s Day! And if there’s one thing we love about The Last Ship, it’s the incredible ladies on and off screen, who make this show so awesome! Here’s writer/producer Onalee Hunter & Triini Selgis celebrating from set!

Kevin & Jocko really are inseparable…

There can be a lot of waiting around on set, as lighting, cameras and other elements are set up. With time on their hands, it’s not surprising the mischievous types will get up to no good!

It’s finale time!

And filming moved to San Pedro and out on to the water. Jodie Turner-Smith shared a few highlights:

As did Jocko Sims

Bren Foster shared a selfie with Onalee.

Friday’s filming headed back to Culver Studios, where new Mom (and obviously a superwoman!) Christina Elmore was on set! Bridget Regan shared a couple of fun photos from filming.

When you ask @triini for some @popchips she brings you 6 bags #thelastship

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As production winds down on 4, it’s already gearing up for 5. Jodie Turner-Smith and Emerson Brooks were confirmed last week as being promoted to series regulars for next season, and casting has already begun for new guest roles on #501!

Exciting times ahead!


More fun with ‘Swahili word (or phrase) of the Day’ from Jodie!

And Kevin shared a proud update on his Navy Ball date, Seaman Olivia Nuzzo!

And Charles Parnell spotted MMA/UFC legend Anderson Silva who was also at Culver Studios.

Step out of my trailer and who do I see? The Spider! #andersonsilva #ilovemyjob

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