It’s been super quiet this week on social media as #408 wraps up and #409 heads into production.

As predicated, with the final few episodes filming, social media posts have gone quiet to avoid spoilers. This only makes us more excited, and more desperate for season 4! What surprises are in-store? Whatever is coming up in those final few episodes, we expect it to be what THE LAST SHIP is known for, an intense emotional rollercoaster, packed with suspense, action and major feels!

There were a few slim pickings around though.

Jodie Turner-Smith as usual delivered on a little behind-the-scenes fun during a photoshoot. We’ve never had individual portraits for all the main characters, so we’re super excited to see if we’ll see some this season.

Would you look at these gorgeous people, seriously we need that cast group photo!

It seems it’s a tradition to celebrate the completion of filming on each new episode with some sort of a tasty treat. #408 meant New Orleans themed yumminess courtesy of Peter Weller & writer Jill Blankenship. Christos Vasilopoulos seems to be a fan of desert!

Speaking of Christos (who will play ‘Stavros Diomedes’), you can catch a sneak peak of him in costume and on-set below. Plus another photo in an article about his role on The Greek Reporter’s website.

Photo Credit: The Greek Reporter

Another lucky fan spotted filming at the Culver Hotel, which is a location previously used in season 3 and not far from Culver Studios. No spoilers!

Quand ça tourne dans ton quartier…. #losangeles #action #culverhotel #thelastship #lalaland

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Script co-ordinator Dan Dacunha dropped a little peak at some of the set dressing in the crew room. The question is, could anyone beat Chandler and that now legendary poker face?

Gotta keep the CO happy. #crewlounge #thelastship

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And here’s one we missed from a few weeks ago. We’re wondering if this is Cobra Squad’s hangout, and if we can get t-shirts with that on!

Serious stuff goes on behind this door. #thelastship

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Bren Foster dropped us a little Flashback Friday on twitter, with a behind-the-scenes shot from season 3.

While there wasn’t much current going on, a little bonus on the social media front has been Special FX artist Stevie B sharing some of the make-up effects he’s created for the show. Take a scroll through his feed and you might spot some familiar effects including a Ramsey…

As usual we’ll update our round-up if new items are posted over the weekend, and if you’ve spotted anything we’ve missed, drop us a note on Twitter or via email info@thelastship.tv.

Don’t forget to check back next week for more social media round-ups!

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