Filming continued on episode #407 ‘Feast’, and it delivered a veritable feast of fun on social media, with pranks and an epic number of behind the scenes videos!

We have a full round-up of all the antics over the week below, but with the gift of so much footage of antics, pranks and general on-set fun, we decided to round them up into one epic music video!

The start of the week was very quiet, Mondays seem to be dark days (no filming), on Tuesday however things picked up thanks to a new additional to the make-up trailer team. New girl Blue proved a hit with the cast & crew especially Jocko Sims.

The fun amped up on Wednesday when filming moved to Malibu, and that incredible mountain mansion location with spectacular views. Location filming meant early starts for cast and crew alike, thank god for coffee!

Gotta love those views!

The view at today’s location is #Epic. Feels like I’m in another country. #Malibu #TheLastShip #Work

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And as it was Wednesday… or rather #WolfWednesday, Bren Foster dropped a photo so we could apprecate the Wolfman and his magnificent beard Irving!

And the best news of the day?

New girl Jodie Turner-Smith hasn’t even made her debut on our screens yet, but she’s obviously been impressing the bosses! Deadline.com announced Jodie has already been promoted to series regular for season 5, so we’ll be enjoying her antics on and off screen for some time to come!

As job perks go, Triini Selgis has no trouble in taking full advantage! We want to be jealous, but we know those perks are hard earned! Go Triini!

And Jocko Sims continued to spoil us with behind-the-scenes fun and antics.


Day 2 on location got started with one spectacular sunrise. We’re not a fan of being up early, but when it looks like that it might just be worth it!

While the sunrise was spectacular, the weather has been shitty and wet over the last few weeks in Los Angeles, but it made for some off-road fun for Travis Van Winkle in his new car with Kevin riding shotgun!

Took her out for her first mud bath

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After Bren Foster got his payback by ‘mounting the Kevin’ last week, the bar was raised. No problem for Kevin, who stepped up his trolling game, fortunately Bren’s a good sport which makes it all the more hilarious!

Bonus views… with a surprise at the end from Bridget Regan.

The antics seem to have inspired fellow regulars and guest cast alike, as Jackson Rathbone posted a video on set for the first time, joining in on the pranks.

Just another hard day of work. #malibu #thelastship @thelastshiptnt #infinitepool #mensfashion

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That fireplace though

A photo posted by Kevin Michael Martin (@kevin_m_martin) on

After two long days on location, the 3rd and final day needed a little pep talk from writer Hiram Martinez

And the cast that plays together, stays together…

There’s playing, then there’s trolling and Kevin Michael Martin took his torturing of poor Bren Foster to new levels of hilarity, fortunately Bren is a great sport!

Jodie, Queen of Snapchat continued to make us laugh!

The Malibu mansion seems to feature in a few episodes and it appears to be one seriously pimped out crib, complete with a heli-pad!

Waiting on that damn helicopter… ?by @travisvanwinkle @thelastshiptnt #sunset #helipad #impatient

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It’s also the perfect place for some EPIC end of day photos.

A great moment when we stopped for a view we won’t soon forget. Sweet dreams Malibu.

A photo posted by Kevin Michael Martin (@kevin_m_martin) on

And yep, day 3 on location also meant more awesome bts videos from the master of social media, Jocko Sims!


There’s a reason The Last Ship cast is the best on TV with amazing chemistry, they don’t just work hard together and they hang out and have fun together too!

We formed a biker gang last night. Photocred: @ptudyk #GoodFoodDrinksLadiesGoodNight #CICTactCrossOver

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Travis Van Winkle dropped this cool shot on Sunday, bonus!

#Season4 of @thelastshiptnt is soon to have you all up in a tizzy. We are on course for our best season yet. #TLS

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As usual we’ll update our round-up if new items are posted over the weekend, and if you’ve spotted anything we’ve missed, drop us a note on Twitter or via email info@thelastship.tv.

Don’t forget to check back next week for more social media round-ups!

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