Wow, that last week went fast! We’re now 11 weeks into filming, and assuming the usual mid-June premiere, about 20 weeks until season 4 hits our screens.

Filming began on episode #406 this week, written by Katie Swain (who previously penned season 3’s unforgettable ‘In The Dark’) and directed by Peter Weller, who we’ll also see guest starring this season. Needless to say we think Katie was a little excited about cameras rolling on her episode!

Episode 406. Let’s DO THIS! #thelastship #bestcastever #bestcrewever #bastfansever

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We got the warm and fuzzies when it came to appreciation of team work from Katie, with praise for the awesome Triini Selgis who celebrated 600 days of working on The Last Ship this week!

We wish we could clone her. #triinibean #bestcrewever #thelastship @triini

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Triini was one of many crew members excited to be working with Peter Weller, who directed last season’s incredible ‘Minefield’, and the heartbreaking season finale ‘Don’t Look Back’. Two emotional, intense and suspense packed episodes!

Hanging on set today with the maestro, Dr. Peter Weller. #thelastship

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We have been absolutely spoilt rotten by Jocko Sims this week, thanks to some epic IG stories and Snapchat videos starring the usual suspects and shenanigans!

While filming started at Culver Studios, it quickly moved to the Port of Los Angeles and Water Taxi Terminal in San Pedro for night shoots on the RHIB.


Workin’ tonight. #nightmoves #TheLastShip #boatarde #boat #boatlife #boatsandhoes #RHIB #Work #Season4

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Kevin Michael Martin was…well Kevin…

If there’s one thing Miller has learned, it’s that beards can get you into trouble. #S4 #TLS

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We have a feeling it’s not the beard that gets him in trouble! And it’s not just Jade Chynoweth who can bust a move!

We got to see our first frame (well if it makes the cut), of a season 4 episode courtesy of Travis Van Winkle and his epic tactibeard!


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Bridget Regan spotted a peculiar set prop hiding away in a cabin.

Kevin might just have been usurped as Jocko Sim‘s no. 1 sidekick, there’s a new dynamic duo in town…

Jodie Turner-Smith continued to be hilariously good fun, and keep the boys on their toes!

And points go to the background actor who snuck in an epic photobomb! haha!

There’s a lot of new faces to meet in season 4, one of those is played by Christos Vasilopoulos, who has a multi-episode arch playing Stavros Diomedes.

Christos was awesome enough to share a little series of ‘day in the set life’ IG stories.

It’s not just the regular cast & crew sharing their TLS pride!

A number of background characters share names with cast and crew, we’ve had a Regan, a DaCunha, and now we have a ‘Heggen’ (played by Ben Turner Dixon who is another new recurring character), named after VFX supervisor Jake Heggen. His Mom was quite impressed with the name choice!

And finally, bossman Steven Kane, Executive Producer, Series Creator, Dad Dancer, Writer and Director extraordinaire revealed another skill: cameraman! Is there anything this man can’t do?


Actor Drew Fonteiro (who played code-cracking Dennis in season 3) bumped into John Cothran Jr aka President Howard Oliver.

GripRigs dropped a BTS video of that mahoosive green screen going into place in San Diego from last week. Travis posted an impressive instagram, but the video really let’s you see how huge this thing is!

And finally the set had a very special visitor…

My boyfriend visited set today! #ryderpup #thelastship

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Woah! What a bumper week!

As usual we’ll update our round-up if new items are posted over the weekend, and if you’ve spotted anything we’ve missed, drop us a note on Twitter or via email info@thelastship.tv.

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