Productions enters it’s 10th week of filming on season 4 of The Last Ship, and we’ve rounded up all the social media action for you!

It was a very quiet start to the week on the social media front, with an early start at Culver Studios for some of the cast including Ben Cho and Cameron Fuller! Chief Nishioka & ASW Wright keeping it real in CiC!

Executive Producer Steven Kane gave us a peak at some of the behind-the-scenes team, just two of over 300 talented members of The Last Ship’s production crew!

Kevin Michael Martin continued his bromantic torturing of Jocko Sims in the make-up trailer!

And Jodie Turner-Smith showed us her new  Kenyan inspired moves! Work it!

While a lot of the ship-based action is filmed at Culver Studios on the incredible standing sets, there’s a few key scenes per season where nothing but the real thing will do.

Those scenes are filmed back-to-back over a few days on a real Destroyer when filming shifts to San Diego Naval Base, and that’s where the cast headed on Thursday. Various ships have been used to portray USS Nathan James over the past 3 season including the DDG 108 USS Wayne E. Meyer and DDG 91 USS Pinckney.

Standing in for DDG 151 “The Spear of the Navy” in season 4 is DDG 104 USS Sterett – “Forever Dauntless”. You can keep up with what the crew of USS Sterett on their own social media page over on Facebook!

And here’s another face from behind-the-scenes, the awesome Triini Selgis! If you’ve been following the cast’s videos over the years you’ll know that Triini is always there keeping everyone in line, snapping photos and making sure it’s smooth sailing for production.


Back on the ships in #SanDiego! #TheLastShip #Season4

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Jodie got a little lost on the ship, but at least there was a light at the end of the tunnel… The WOLFMAN Bren Foster!

Travis Van Winkle gave us another little sneak peak behind the movie making magic.

#FloatingGreenScreen #SD

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Writer Onalee Hunter was also on location in San Diego.

And as filming came to an end of Friday, the view was amazing…

Here’s Triini’s amazing photo:

And once the works done, the fun starts! The question is, who told the jokes that made Travis facepalm?


We’ll update our round-up if new items are posted over the weekend, and if you’ve spotted anything we’ve missed, drop us a note on Twitter or via email info@thelastship.tv.

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