Cast & crew headed back to Culver Studios for week 9 of filming, after the Holiday break. With new episodes rolling, and everyone on set, we’re back with our weekly social media round-up!

This week the boss himself, Exec Producer Steven Kane took the hot seat as filming started on episode 405 – Allegiance. It’s only the 2nd time Mr Kane has directed, the previous being the absolutely phenomenal ‘In The Dark’ from season 3. This time it’s new writer Michael Sussman on writing duties, and considering Sussman’s list of credits (Star Trek Enterprise to name but one!), we’re stoked to see what adventures this episode has in store!

Filming officially started on Tuesday (Jan 10th), with an early start.

Back at it!

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Bridget Regan was on set bright and early, getting her Sasha face on, ready to be our favourite, fierce badass!

Really back at it. (? @triini who else)

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Jocko Sims dropped some serious #SquadGoals with sidekicks Jodie Turner-Smith, and Travis Van Winkle.

#BeardWatch – Travis’ ‘tactibeard’ (thanks @michael_elwess!) is looking as epic as ever!

Kevin Michael Martin had a little fun in the make-up trailer at Jocko Sim’s expense…

…but the bromance continues!

New girl Jodie Turner-Smith continues to be hilariously good fun. It looks like her character ‘Azima’ – a member of the Kenyan Navy – will be speaking a little Swahili, so the actress took to Snapchat to share some language skills with fans!

We also approve of her sentiments when it comes to her co-stars! 😉

On Wednesday, Mr Kane dropped a little nod to taking on director duties again

And caught up with Kevin Michael Martin on set.

If there’s one thing we love, it’s behind-the-scenes photos! They started rolling in thick and fast on Thursday!

Bridget continued to make us laugh with IG stories! It’s good to see the CMC aka Charles Parnell on set! Gotta love the CMC!

Emanuela Postacchini was also back filming on location, we’ll meet her character ‘Cali’ in the season 4 premiere.

On set with #thelastship #throwbackthursday

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Jodie got sneaky to give us a glimpse of Bren Foster and Kevin Michael Martin gearing up!

And fun aside, Jodie is putting in some serious gym time to be just as badass as her co-stars! Bring it!

Things got a little quieter toward the end of the week, but there was still a little fun to be had! Pirate style…

Bridget and the Trouble Button!

Writer Hiram Martinez found a little present on his desk… interesting gift on Friday 13th!

And if you missed it over the Holidays, Hiram also revealed which episode he is writing this year.

Production continues on 405 next week! We’ll be keeping up over on Twitter (@LastShipTV), so follow us for a heads up on all the latest fun, as it happens!

In the mean time, we’ll update our round-up if new items are posted over the weekend, and if you’ve spotted anything we’ve missed, drop us a note on Twitter or via email info@thelastship.tv.

Don’t forget to check back next week for more social media round-ups!

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