Hello 2017! Now we can legitimately say there’s a new season coming THIS YEAR! Filming on season 4 got back underway as cast & crew headed to Culver Studios yesterday (Tuesday Jan 10th) to start shooting episode 5 – ‘Allegiance’.

It’s a special episode to come back to, as Executive Producer Steven Kane (aka the Bossman!) takes the director’s chair. And it’s the first episode from new member of The Last Ship writing team, Michael Sussman!

Episode 5 marks the halfway point in filming for season 4, with 10 episodes making up this season. So far we have 5 titles:

  • 401 – In Medias Res
  • 402 – The Pillars of Hercules
  • 403 – Bread & Circuses
  • 404 – Nostos
  • 405 – Allegiance

Filming for season 4 will run through to April, with just a week’s break before episode 501 goes in front of the cameras. It’s a gruelling schedule for all involved with both seasons and all 20 episodes taking about a year to film.

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