Six weeks down, filming completed on 3 episodes, and 17 more to go (10 each for season 4 & 5). The cast and crew have been working their butts off to bring us not one, but two epic new seasons!

We’re coming up to the end of the year and the The Holiday season has landed, production still have a long way to go until season 4 hits our screens but this week’s social media has got us all excited and desperate for June to get here.

Director Bobby Roth finally dropped the behind-the-scenes photo we’ve been clamouring for, nope not Travis taming his wild man beard… a sneaky look at the Capt. Tom Chandler aka Eric Dane!

Mr Roth kindly shared a number of photos from filming of episode #403 entitled ‘Bread and Circuses’ up at Blue Cloud Ranch & other locations in and around Malibu.

Fans can find out more about Mr Roth over at this Official Website, as well as a series on directing. We’ve got our fingers crossed future directors are as awesomely generous to fans, and drop some sneaky peaks to keep us all holding on until next summer.

Another highlight of the week was a glimpse at this pretty special guest star… yes its a camel!

And then I whispered in her ear… (twinsies)

A photo posted by n a d o (@slnado) on

1st AC Tony Guiterrez also dropped this little glimpse at what looks like a pretty epic helicopter action shot. We cant wait to see how that plays out on screen!

Right back at the beginning of the week, we got this awesome shot of Jocko Sims & Bren Foster, and Irving – Bren’s beard. Looking good Irving!

Tis’ the season when all those festive commercial’s hit our screens, so you might see a familiar face appear. We love this adorable Christmas ad featuring one of our favourite Last Ship alumni, Al Coronel!

And last, but by no means least, we’d like to wish a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the bossman himself, Executive Producer Mr Steven Kane, who celebrated this birthday this week.

Keep on dancing bossman!

We’ll update our round-up if new items are posted tomorrow, but if you’ve spotted anything we’ve missed drop us a note on our Twitter or via email info@thelastship.tv. Check back for more social media round-ups next week!

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