We’re catching up with this weeks social media, it’s been relatively quiet but there’s a few tasty morsels to enjoy and some great news on returning characters.

Executive Producer Steven Kane dropped an interesting note about a trip to DC. The writers of the show sometimes seem to have a crystal ball when it comes to predicting world events…

We finally got a sneak peak of Eric Dane on set courtesy of Jackson Rathbone and his photography skills.

Water work — #thelastship phot cred @jacksonrathbone

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The actors were both working on a boat off the coast of Los Angeles, California this week.

Sometimes I get to film on boats … #onaboatbitch #sanpedro #setlife #makingtv

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More great news: Emerson Brooks will be back for the year (we’re hoping this means season 4 & 5). Emerson’s ‘Captain Meylan’ had quite a turn-around at the end of season 3 so we’re excited to see how his character develops!

Director Bobby Roth was out location scouting in California for somewhere that will apparently double for ‘Sardinia’ (another Mediterranean themed location):

And the director was also onset with Anthony Skordi.

Production was out and about, shooting in various locations in and around LA including Bronson Canyon where Travis Van Winkle posted this sweet note of nostalgia…

The production was also spied by a few tourists:

A film set below the Hollywood sign #perfecttiming #thelastship

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And it wasn’t just the cast hard at work, but the crew too!

Travis Van Winkle also posted an IG we’re filing under #BeardWatch… if you’ve not read Travis Van Winkle‘s priceless love letter to his epic beard, then you’re missing out!

And new members of The Last Ship family were on set this week at Culver Studios, Emanuela Postacchini!

#studios #stage #losangeles #morning

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LaMonica Garrett  is a very busy guy these days with double duty, shooting roles in two shows, flying back and forth between LA & Toronto (for Designated Survivor). But he took the time to snap a shot in CiC on set at Culver Studios!

The tradition of on set shenanigans continues. We’re still waiting for Bren Foster to take his promised revenge on Jocko Sims & Kevin Michael Martin‘s recent chair prank!

We never get these right on the first take. #TheLastShip #BurkMiller

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And Russian fan and artist Irina Salikova continued her awesome series of Last Ship character art, this time it was Mike Slattery:


Director Bobby Roth was on set again, this time a night-time location shoot. We’re getting excited to see what action is going down, and finding out which episode Mr Roth is directing.

Night shoot #másterclass #instadaily #instagood #instalike #directing #tnt #thelastship #ericdane

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Some of the cast hit the town to celebrate new boy Jonathan Howard‘s birthday. Jodie Turner-Smith posted this sweet group shot on her IG!

Loving the crew. Happy birthday, Jonny ? #TheLastShip

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And Jodie also took these adorable selfies with make-up artist Dionne Wynn, who dropped this shot on her IG.

We’re loving all the excitement and feel-good vibes from the social media action, and seeing a happy cast & crew!

We’ll update our round-up if new items are posted, but if you’ve spotted anything we’ve missed drop us a note on our Twitter or via email info@thelastship.tv

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