It’s week 3 of production on season 4 and it’s quiet on the social media front as the cast and crew avoid spoilers… and drive us all crazy waiting for more season 4 news!

We have had a few morsels thrown our way though, so we’ve rounded them up below.

We’ve still not seen any sign of certain cast members on set, most notably Eric Dane who has been very quiet on social media and missing from the few behind-the-scenes photos & videos so far posted.

Suspense is now building, and it’s only November with 30+ weeks left until season 4 will hit our screens.

One cast member who did finally make an appearance is Marissa Neitling who popped up in a fun video from Jocko Sim‘s IG stories yesterday. As well as a brief glimpse of new cast member Jonathan Howard.

Jade Chynoweth‘s little IG story may also gave us a clue as to the future of her character… is Kat Nolan following in the footsteps of Adam Irigoyen‘s Ray Diaz?

Bren Foster dropped an awesome BTS video of the fight sequence rehearsals from Season 3. We really cant wait to see Wolfman back in action for season 4!

Maybe Wolfman will get a sidekick this time as it appears newbie Jonathan Howard has some kickboxing skills of his own!

While we’ve not seen Eric Dane on set, he did post on a couple of Instagram photos from his attendance at The Honors Gala in Washington, DC.

The Honors Gala — Happy Veterans Day… #avc

A photo posted by Eric Dane (@realericdane) on

#BeardWatch – It’s still there! So it looks like Chandler will be in the beard club with Wolf, Miller, Burky & Danny for Season 4.

Kevin Michael Martin suffered a little malfunction on set!

And Russian fan and artist Irina Salikova dropped another great piece of The Last Ship artwork on her instagram:

With the cast & crew going quiet we’ll be switching to a weekly round-up of social media, but keep an eye on LastShip.tv for more news & features coming up!


Just when you think it’s all gone quiet, the bossman himself Eric Dane drops a video on instagram.

Tactical training @tarantactical #thelastship

A video posted by Eric Dane (@realericdane) on

There was also a little behind-the-scenes peak from Kevin Michael Martin‘s IG, as filming continued on locations in and around Los Angeles.

And the high jinks continued in Jocko Sims IG Stories…

We got a sneak peak of a new cast member Jodie Turner-Smith. The British actress hasn’t officially been announced yet, but our money is on her being the new female character spoken about by Brad Fuller and Andrew Form in the Collider interview. You can follow her on Twitter & Instagram!

From Jocko Sims IG

From Jocko Sims IG

It was Veterans Day yesterday, Bridget Regan, Bren Foster and Travis Van Winkle took to Bridget’s Twitter to post a short video thanking veterans for their service & inspiring The Last Ship.

The cast and crew are hard at work to bring us an action packed season 4! Big thank you to Jocko Sims for continuing to share little moments of the journey with us!

We’ll update the post if new items are posted, but if there’s anything we missed drop us a note on our Twitter or via email info@thelastship.tv

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