Highlights of a new producers interview with some brand new details on what’s in-store for Season 4 & 5 including a new female character, and our favorites are back in uniform! have published a new video interview filmed last week with Brad Fuller & Andrew Form (of Michael Bay’s ‘Platinum Dunes’), who shared some interesting new details on the double renewal and what’s coming up.

We already know both seasons will consist of only 10 episodes (as opposed to season 2 & 3’s 13 episode run) and it’s been confirmed all 20 episodes will film back-to-back. However, each season will have its own distinct storyline according to Brad Fuller. Andrew Form told, “the seasons are back-to-back but it is not a 20 episode season. It’s a 10 episode season for 4, that will finish and then a new story. Like each season of The Last Ship, season 5 will be something new.”

As to why they’re shooting back-to-back seasons if the story doesn’t carry over? No clear answer was given but according to Brad Fuller this was a decision that came from the network TNT. Both producers expressed their delight at the double renewal.

So what about details on the story? The few details Fuller would share are, “…it’s fairly close after the close of season 3. I can tell you that the Nathan James is continuing to do what they do and not everyone will be on the ship.” These details suggest another multi-thread story this year, which made for complex, intense storytelling and phenomenal viewing during season 3!

When asked if there was any casting changes, Brad Fuller assured that there wasn’t any ‘big casting changes’, but Andrew Form added that a new female character will be added to the show and would be there for the whole season. This new character had not been cast as of last week, but the role will not appear until episode 2.

For more details you can watch the full video interview at

Over on Instagram, Jade Chynoweth shared the news she got her own named chair, an honor she is obviously thrilled about. Congrats Jade!

Plus Jocko Sims and Christina Elmore shared more IG Story vids. We got a glimpse of Christina back in those awesome digi blues! With Elmore in uniform and back on the Nathan James it’s possible they’ll be using some movie magic to hide the baby bump, rather than writing the pregnancy into the script.



And Jocko posted a fun vid of the backlot & his trailer – Lt. Carlton Burk is back!


So we’ve seen nearly every major character back on set (plus a few old friends), with just a few missing. Two of the most conspicuous are the bossman himself Eric Dane, and Travis Van Winkle (Bridget Regan did mention he was on set yesterday). Will Eric’s beard and Travis’ super hipster chin warmer be joining the rest of the beardy crew?


Bridget Regan has also dropped a cool set-selfie on twitter, back on the Nathan James herself!

And few more fun IG Story videos from Jocko Sims and Christina Elmore! Don’t forget to follow them on Instagram & Twitter!

From Jocko Sims’ IG Story Feed

From Jocko Sims’ IG Story Feed

From Christina Elmore’s IG Story Feed

From Christina Elmore’s IG Story Feed

From Christina Elmore’s IG Story Feed

Bren Foster’s beard ‘Irving’ gets a little love and attention from Christina Elmore.

From Jocko Sims’ IG Story Feed

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