Yesterday was officially the start of production on season 4, but today is the first day on set for many of the cast.

We’ve been keeping our eyes on social media for news and rounding it all up. Many familiar faces have been heading to Culver Studios for their first day on the Nathan James set, and tweeting their excitement to be back.

Kevin Michael Martin posted a new BTS photo with Bren Foster, as the pair reunite to ‘save the world once more’!

Wolf and Miller are back to save the world once again. #Season4 #TheLastShip

A photo posted by Kevin Michael Martin (@kevin_m_martin) on

Bren Foster, Ben Cho, Christina ElmoreAdam Irigoyen have also been sharing the little surprise left in their trailers: a themed gift basket!



Ben ChoChristina Elmore also dropped Instagram Story videos:



Jade Chynoweth aka Kat Nolan also posted on Instagram Stories she will be back for season 4!


And Executive Producer Mr Steven Kane revealed yet another familiar (furry) face is also on board.

Writer Hiram Martinez also tweeted his excitement at being back for season 4. We cant wait to see what he and the other LastShipWriters have in store for us!



And showing that season 4 is definitely the year of the beard, Jocko Sims tweeted a shot of himself, Bren Foster and Kevin Michael Martin looking lean and mean in front of the trailers.



Bridget Regan brought us this lovely shot of a bloody hand on Twitter! Things are getting messy quickly…

Don’t forget you can follow the cast on Twitter & Instagram and check back to for updates & more news round-ups, you can also find the first day’s social media round-up here.