DEAILS ON SEASON 4 SPOILERS AHOY! Don’t read further if you don’t want to know!

We’ve been keeping our eyes on casting news hoping for a few clues to one of the big questions for this season: Will season 4 be set in the US, or will it be set elsewhere? Well a casting call for an extra and new casting announcement by Deadline.com are giving us some major clues!

jacksonDeadline has just posted that Jackson Rathbone (Finding Carter, Twilight) has been cast in a recurring role as “Giorgio, a rich, Greek-American playboy”. The character is described as, “charming but also a dangerous thug. He uses his considerable wealth and power to make the Mediterranean his playground.”

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Another extras casting call went out a few days ago looking for a “Greek Bouzouki Player” (the distinctive Greek instrument) for filming at the beginning of November.

So clues are pointing us toward Greece and the Mediterranean as a possible setting for at least part of season 4!

‘The Last Ship’ begins filming this week at Culver Studios in Los Angeles.