After being sorely missed last season on The Last Shipit looks like the beloved ‘Bacon’ played by Amen Igbinosun might be back for the new season!

It’s not currently officially confirmed, but starting last night, the actor began posting a series of Instagram videos and photos that are a massive HINT he might just be back… starting with a shave!


Fans have been vocal in their missing of ‘Bacon’, and appealing to producers to bring the actor and his beloved character back, and now it looks like our wish might have been granted.


I can’t tell you how happy I am to have my boy Lionel as my set barber. One of the only barbers I trust!

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A few hours ago Amen posted a Instagram ‘story’ video, which shows him heading to Culver Studios where The Last Ship  is filmed, before heading into hair & make-up. And finally a tour around the back lot and onto set looking for craft services. If you watch the video closely, you might spot a familiar logo on his t-shirt (last picture below).

bacon1 bacon2 bacon3 bacon4 bacon5


Hopefully the news will be be officially confirmed soon, in the meantime we have our fingers crossed because everything’s better with Bacon… right?

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