The first bit of real news on season 4 and it’s the good kind, in fact it’s the great kind!

Legendary actor Peter Weller has been cast to recur next season. If you don’t know the name from his countless acting roles like Robocop and Longmire, then you’ll remember that Weller has directed three episodes of The Last Ship including two of season 3’s best, the incredibly tense ‘Minefield’ and that wrecking ball of a season finale ‘Don’t Look Back’. is reporting that:

Weller will recur as Dr. Paul Vellek, a world-renowned authority in genetic modification and plant biotechnology. Vellek’s expertise will play a critical role in the latest mission for theNathan James and her crew.

No details are available on how many episodes he’ll be in yet, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed it’s a substantial role and that he’ll be taking the directors chair once again.